Vegan Desserts in New York

I am probably the best and worst person to ask for advice on vegan treats. I’ll admit that I’m pretty hard to please in that regard, so if I tell you about a New York place that offers some remarkably delicious, vegan-friendly desserts—you can take that to the bank.  Some of my favorites are actually sprinkled throughout the city—which actually gives a better survey of the many tasty vegan joints rather than just looking into one spot.

Caravan of Dreams Choc. Vegan Cake

Guru Tips:

Candle Care Dessert

Candle Cafe

The cheesecake at Candle Cafe on the Upper East Side is truly a remarkable culinary achievement in the world of vegan desserts. The rich, creamy vanilla custard sits atop a buttery, crumbly crust and is drizzled with a combo of delectable sauces—(a tangy raspberry and a sweet, sultry vanilla). This dessert, in particular, stands out because it has all the markings of an exceptional cheesecake—but without any of the cream cheese, butter, or eggs! It’s just one of the many options on the menu, but it’s definitely worth a taste.


Ice Cream from Lulus

Lulu’s Sweet Apothecary

Lula’s Sweet Apothecary, located in the East Village, feels like you stepped back in time to a 1950′s ice cream parlor—between the metal (not plastic!) tasting spoons and the big glass containers filled with toppings. But despite the grand sundaes, splits, and floats that are available, my personal favorite at Lula’s is a simple scoop of their cashew milk chocolate chocolate chip. The smooth, light ice cream studded with dark chocolate is a testament to how good the treats at Lula’s really are—no rich sauces or excess toppings are needed. The flavors and textures are delicious enough just on their own.



The last place on my vegan list is a darling, little bake shop tucked away on Broome between Ludlow and Orchard. Babycakes offers up some of the most homemade-tasting confections I’ve ever tasted, along with some adorable ambience. The best vegan treat here is consequently something very simple: a warm slice of the cranberry apple loaf. The mingling of the sweet apples and the tart cranberries nestled into the cinnamony cake-bread lovechild is a prime example of what a great baker can do with unusual ingredients (like garbanzo bean and almond flour). This heavenly slice of baked goodness somehow manages to strike the perfect balance of moist richness and light sweetness—all without breaking the vegan code.

 Candle Cafe – 1307 3rd Ave (Between 74th and 75th St.)

Lula’s Sweet Apothecary – 516 East 6th St (Between Ave A & B)

Babycakes – 248 Broome St (Between Ludlow & Orchard Streets)


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