2014 Winter Fancy Food Show: Feeding Trends

At the San Francisco Winter Fancy Food Show, thousands of specialty food products preview appetizing trends for 2014. While the established companies test and launch their new product lines, the newer and smaller companies, like: Mani Snacks, Tasty Karma, FavaLife, and Xumma Cola make their own mark as they emerge into markets.

2014 Fancy Food Show

Mãní Snacks
Monika Batisa was inspired and encouraged by her friends to retire from her career in Architecture to make and produce Brazilian Cheese Bread. From her Brazilian roots, Monika harnessed her family’s homemade recipe and spent a year perfecting a commercial version. The name’s roots come from an Indian legend about a beautiful princess. The young princess died tragically and a Manioc plant grew out from her gravesite. This Brazilian Cheese Bread is made from Manioc starch (Tapioca Starch). The cheese in Mãní Snacks is called Cotija and is produced seasonally. Mãní Snacks is all natural, gluten free, low calorie, and rich in potassium. The products come frozen and are baked off in the oven. Mãní Snacks can be purchased in selected Northern California markets, like: Whole Foods, Draegers, Mollie Stones, Andronico’s Community Markets, and other retail locations. Monika will be launching offshoots of her Brazilian Cheese Bread in both a sweet and savory baking mix. http://www.manisnacks.com/home

mani snacks close up

Tasty Karma
Saumil Pandey loved her job as a Google Engineer, but with 2 young kids to raise and their craving for junk-laden snacks, she left her successful career for a higher calling. Because of her cultural Indian upbringing, Saumil created vegan, gluten free, artisan all natural snacks. Tasty Karma savory and sweet treats include: Chickpea Chips (Quinoa Cracked Pepper, Chia Sesame Crunch, Tandoori, Zesty Fenugreek, Garlic/Herbs, and Cinnamon Sugar) and Chickpea Truffles (Nuts/Raisin, Coconut/Cherry, and Dark Chocolate/Pecans). For now, Tasty Karma products can be found online or at the following Silicon Valley locations: Farmer’s Markets in Sunnyvale and Santa Clara as well as at Sigona’s in Los Altos and Redwood City. If you are lucky enough to be a Googler, you can connect with Tasty Karma treats onsite. http://www.tastykarma.com/home

tasty karma truffles

With no culinary training, Hattem Nigma switched from an established architectural career to pursue his passion to become an entrepreneur. Drawing from his Egyptian heritage, Hattem grew up eating Fava Beans and explained that “this is an Egyptian national dish.” Taking his beloved family recipe, Hatten launched a line of Fava Bean Hummus, which include the following flavors: Classic Tahini, Roasted Garlic, Roasted Red Pepper, and Fire Roasted Eggplant. Hatten further explains how “Fava Bean Hummus is lighter and creamier than Chickpea Hummus and easier to digest.” The FavaLife products are handmade, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, locally sourced, and all natural. Additionally, FavaLife Hummus carries Dopamine, a neurotransmitter, which can make you happy. The taste alone will satisfy your appetite. Find some FavaLife at your Northern California Whole Foods and other San Francisco Bay Area markets/specialty stores. http://www.favalife.com

fava life

Xumma Cola
PhD student at Stanford University and Maine native, Bradford Harris, was working on a case study on the history of Cola and the harmful effects of artificial sweeteners. Bradford partnered up with his dad Cole, an experienced consultant in the beverage industry, to develop a semi-sweet cola. Garnering the plethora of talent from the Silicon Valley and Stanford University, father and son put together a cola with only 20 grams of sugar (commercial versions have 40+ grams). Xumma Cola is all natural, smooth, carries no residual aftertaste, and is packaged in a glass bottle to further enhance its classic cola style and taste. Moreover, Bradford explains that the name derives from when Maine natives refer to summer as “summa.” This iteration was morphed into a whimsical made up name of “Xumma”. This family business even has Bradford’s mom working as the CFO. For now, Xumma Cola can be found at a few San Francisco Bay Area cafes/restaurants, such as: Stanford University’s Coupa Cafe, Blue Barn Gourmet, Arlequin Cafe, and Rich Table Restaurant…unless, you are fortunate enough to work in the offices of LinkedIn, Netflix, Dropbox, or Airbnb. Xumma Cola is a year round drink good for any season and any occasion. http://www.xumma.com

xumma cola

Blends, twists, and fusions were all a part of making this year’s Foodie Super Bowl. Anyone that exhibits at or visits the Winter San Francisco Fancy Food Show knows your mind is dizzy for days with delightful, delicious, creative spins found in this Specialty Food arena. Even the small players will find their own fans and following as they set forth to bring their goodies to the masses. See more pictures from the 2014 Fancy Food Show HERE.

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