Sunbud Bakery Makes The First Buckwheat Cookies

Packaged Subbud Buckwheat Cookies

Unlike other baking flours, creating a tasty cookie from Buckwheat Flour is a difficult task. Although Buckwheat is used in various dishes throughout the world, it is quite an unknown entity in the United States. By selecting the right ingredients, balancing the flavors, and keeping the recipe simple, Sunbud Bakery was able to transform Buckwheat flour into a wholesome, nutty, natural, guilt-free cookie. Watch the Video Story HERE.

Atsuko Watanabe and Jennifer Bai, Sunbud Bakery partners, came from successful corporate careers in Advertising and Publishing. It wasn’t until many years later that these two women would meet up to make the first and only Buckwheat Cookies on the market. Atsuko and Jennifer gave up their financially secure jobs and followed their food passion by going to Culinary School. Atsuko left her advertising career in New York City behind and enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu in Paris to become a Pastry Chef. She then moved to San Francisco because she was inspired by the “farm to table” and “slow food” movements.

Atuko and Jennifer w_out sign

Atsuko Watanabe (left) and Jennifer Bai (right)

Similarly, Jennifer was looking to get in touch with her creative side by enrolling in the highly acclaimed, Tante Marie School in California. After a stint working with a well-known chef and restaurant, Jennifer had a son. She was looking for the right opportunity that would enable her to balance her family life with her culinary desires and high standards. The opportunity presented itself on June 2012, when she met Atsuko and Sunbud Bakery was formed. Drawing from past personal and professional experiences, both Pastry Chefs worked passionately to create a tasty and wholesome food that would make an impression with today’s mindful consumers.


Jennifer, the Chief Foodologist, explained that “Buckwheat is a tiny, triangular-shaped seed that comes from a flowering plant…it is not a wheat nor a grain”. Unlike a traditional cookie, founder and CEO, Atsuko describes how you literally taste each ingredient in every bite. Using California dried unsulphured apricots, agave nectar, coconut palm sugar, and lots of almonds, draws out the sweet, tangy, and nutty flavors of Sunbud Bakery’s Apricot Buckwheat Cookies. Sunbud’s second Buckwheat Cookie delicately balances unsweetened chocolate (cocao nibs) with the sweetness of dried unsulfured currants. Their most recent release is the Apples and Spices, which is a great new addition to the lineup. Their cookies have no dairy, no butter, no egg, and no refined sugar. They are gluten-free and use plant-based ingredients making it a healthier and ideal cookie option as a snack or for in-between meals. Sunbud cookies pair well with coffee and tea and will enhance other foods like: plain yogurt, granola, and ice cream.


These artisan cookies can be found in San Francisco Bay Area speciality stores, like: Bi-Rite Market, Rainbow Groceries, Berkeley Bowl, and online: As food becomes more and more industrialized, the Sunbud Bakers’, Atsuko and Jennifer, have stuck to their core beliefs from their childhood roots by using ingredients that come from the ground (not from a factory) to make the only Buckwheat Cookie on the market.

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