How to Repurpose Chicken

Let’s talk chicken with 3 makeover recipes on how to use what is leftover from the new-and-improved Claypot Chicken with Roasted Veggies recipe. Here’s the pecking order for how to re-purpose your leftover chicken. 1) CHICKEN QUESADILLA    Prep time: 5 minutes  Cook time: 5-7 minutes   Serves 1-2 Ingredients: Small corn tortillas (optional flour) ½ Tb olive oil ⅛ -¼ […]

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Comforts Cafe: All in the Family

Comforts Cafe

About 30 minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge, Comforts Cafe radiates with activity where everyday seems like rush hour. In the quaint and cozy town of San Anselmo, Glenn, the papa, Laura, the momma, and Erin, the daughter, have been serving up their home style cooking to their loyal, local following since 1986. Just about any day or time is […]

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