The Kilimanjaro Diet


Don’t you wish you could start your life backwards? It’s one of those situations where you accumulate all this experience and knowledge which you may never have the opportunity to use again. Instead, you have to learn these life lessons the hard way! The answers and wisdom come after you run that first marathon, get that black belt, or climb […]

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Blackberry Lemon Upside-Down Cake Recipe

Summertime is filled with lots of fun seasonal activities, like blackberry picking. Picking this delicate and fragile fruit can be dangerously fun through all the poking, prodding, and piercings as you maneuver your body through the thorny landmine…so, grab a basket, a bucket, or bag and prepare yourself for some blackened hands! If you can’t or not up for this […]

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CC Made: Sweet Success

CC Made Products

Cassandra Chen spent her early childhood years in Shanghai, China and watched her grandmother prepare elaborate, traditional Chinese Feasts. Meanwhile, her mother, who was also an exceptional cook, refused to make the same dish twice. Cassandra found herself working in the World of Finance after college where she felt unfulfilled. She wanted to do something with her life where something […]

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Morning Strawberry Cupcakes Recipe

Cupcakes, cupcakes, and more cupcakes…they are everywhere:  at your local markets, farmer’s markets, bakeries, dessert bars, weddings, cupcake stores, and cupcake trucks.  My go-to cupcake is the under-appreciated MUFFIN.  I have one at least once a week and have 3 choice recipes I make and freeze. Aside from the ever so popular Blueberry, I finally have a muffin recipe for […]

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Day Tripper’s Guide: thru West Marin and Sonoma County

 No planes, no airports, no trains, no baggage and best of all no JET LAG when you enter the “Ireland” of Northern California. Grassy-green hills, misty-foggy climate, raging waves, sculptured- rocky coastlines mixed with Dairy farms and Oyster shacks line this desolate and unpopulated part of West Marin and Sonoma County. Within an hour’s drive from San Francisco, small communities […]

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Cheese Please! Artisan Cheese Festival in Petaluma

Creamy, fresh fromage blanc; tangy silken chévre; bracing blues, each fascinatingly different from its brothers; tastebud-waking, complex aged triple-crèmes…are you hungry yet?  I am almost always hungry – for cheese. Last weekend, I was among the fortunate attendees at California’s 7th Annual Artisan Cheese Festival in Petaluma, one of the hubs of California’s booming cheese industry. The festival is a […]

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Bean There

My favorite beverage is coffee.  It’s not only the caffeine that wakes me up in the morning and gives me that badly needed energy boost midday, but the aroma and strong flavor gets my mind and body racing. My love and addiction for coffee began over 20 years ago. I was a Marketing Consultant for a donut store chain in […]

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Highwire Coffee …Bean Me Up!

Highwire Roastery

Several months back, Slow Food organization coordinated a cupping and roasting demonstration at the Highwire Coffee Roasters’ facilities in the Oakland area.  Rich Avella, Robert Myers, and Eric Hashimoto, the proprietors of Highwire, walked us through the step by step process from seed to cup. Think of cupping as similar to wine tasting. A Short Video Story click HERE.

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