A Photo Day Playing with Food

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to spend the day with Stacy Ventura, a professional food photographer with Edible Marin.

Here’s how to shoot food like a Pro:

  • Make sure to use as much natural light as possible, such as bouncing light with reflectors and white boards.
  • Shooting vertically is appealing for food photography, even though we are drawn to wide frame for video. The vertical framing emulates magazines, which have always been photo driven.
  • Collect a variety of slates, wood panels, dishes, and accessories to build your food set.
  • Play with the depth of field using food and accessories to create texture and draw your eye to what’s important in the shot.
  • For photo editing in Photoshop, make sure to learn how to mask layers. This technique is valuable in combining multiple photos into a single image, and removing unwanted things from your photo.

Playing with food was fun and educational.

soft cheese and honey on cutting board plum and honey again dripping honey on bread, cheese, fruit

Written by Ariel Sultan


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