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How to Repurpose Chicken

Let’s talk chicken with 3 makeover recipes on how to use what is leftover from the new-and-improved Claypot Chicken with Roasted Veggies recipe. Here’s the pecking order for how to re-purpose your leftover chicken. 1) CHICKEN QUESADILLA    Prep time: 5 minutes  Cook time: 5-7 minutes   Serves 1-2 Ingredients: Small corn tortillas (optional flour) ½ Tb olive oil ⅛ -¼ […]

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Coachella Checklist

There’s always a lot of buzz when Coachella releases its lineup. Located in Indio Valley, this music festival is one of the largest, most popular, and profitable in the US. If you’re lucky enough to get tickets, being prepared and organized will help you have a fun-ast-ic time!  After attending the festival for 2 years, here are some ways to navigate […]

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Worth her Salt and Then Some

Closing a chapter on her catering career with a high-profile clientele, Private Chef Robin has embarked on a new chapter of personal dining, flavored salts, and her “A Taste of Ojai” cookbook. After meeting Private Chef Robin on Instagram and trying out a few of her small plate recipes, we found that these dishes using these infused salts with local […]

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Worth Her Salt

  We met Private Chef Robin on Instagram and were drawn to her California-Mediterranean style cooking. She has a culinary pedigree that would make most professional chefs envious. Private Chef Robin grew up in a family of restaurateurs and honed her skill set at the Culinary Institute of America in New York. Now, she creates private fine dining experiences at […]

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A Photo Day Playing with Food

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to spend the day with Stacy Ventura, a professional food photographer with Edible Marin. Here’s how to shoot food like a Pro: Make sure to use as much natural light as possible, such as bouncing light with reflectors and white boards. Shooting vertically is appealing for food photography, even though we are drawn to […]

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DIY A Cold-Brew of Coffee

Sugar, milk or a combination of both is often a remedy for smoothing out the bitterness in a cup of coffee. Iced coffee is often so watered down that bitterness and acidity can linger and put a damper on this hot day beverage. The cold-brew process removes the bitterness, giving you a balanced taste. You may just decide to opt […]

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5 DIY Vanilla Tips

Vanilla goes beyond, extract, or better yet, make your own extract!  We highly recommend using LAFAZA’s vanilla products because of their high quality, direct trade, and sustainable pure vanilla from Madagascar. You can literally taste the difference! Try these 5 different ways to use vanilla. 1) Vanilla Sugar recipe – Just add 2 beans scraped into sugar, then plop in the vanilla bean rinds […]

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Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles Recipe

Sometimes you have to make a bit of a mess in the kitchen to get a Sweet Reward. This messy  recipe brings out the inner child, yet with its bite-sized portions, it has the sophisticated and indulging taste custom made for an adult palate. Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles are so expensive to purchase but are a bit more budget friendly when […]

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Maui from Sunrise to Sunset

Most long weekends are spent catching up on back burner projects with work, running errands, a stay-cation, or maybe even a quick getaway trip a short distance from home. Sometimes those fateful accidents, like, having some mileage expiring (ex: canceled ski vacation) turn into a spontaneous trip that shines. From sun up to sun down, even a brief vacation to […]

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Kraut Source: Fermenting a Healthy Project

Karen Diggs

Karen Diggs, a Therapeutic Chef and Nutritionist, took her passion for healthy, delicious food by taking cup-fulls of vegetables and squeezing submerging, brining, sealing, and fermenting it all into a Mason Jar. With help from her partner, Eric Klein, an engineer and inventor, Karen has transformed this thousand-year-old practice of fermenting foods by designing a small-batch device called Kraut Source. […]

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Mill Valley: A Local’s Guide

Mt. Tamalpais, Marin County

Sandwiched between San Francisco to its south and the Wine Country to its north, commuters, day-trippers, and travelers see Mill Valley in a 2-3 second blur driving on Highway 101. Residents of Mill Valley are content to see boatloads of local and faraway travelers descend on and into the touristy, neighboring towns of Sausalito and Tiburon.

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In and Out of London


Adjusting to fewer hours of daylight and cooler temperatures makes traveling in and out of London off-season challenging. Although being a part of the human race in the United Kingdom during peak vacation time, is enough to make anyone want to stay at home. In a recent trip in and out of London, off-season was easier, more accessible, less crowded, […]

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Herds Flock to Bovine Bakery

Exterior Bovine Bakery

Many San Franciscans or Bay Area urbanites may think that Point Reyes Station and Petaluma are quiet farming and ranching communities. In fact, a million tourist travel each year to Point Reyes National Seashore. “Stop by Bovine Bakery in Point Reyes Station (about 848 residents) on a sunny summer’s day, and this town can look like Coney Island,” explains Bridget […]

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Comforts Cafe: All in the Family

Comforts Cafe

About 30 minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge, Comforts Cafe radiates with activity where everyday seems like rush hour. In the quaint and cozy town of San Anselmo, Glenn, the papa, Laura, the momma, and Erin, the daughter, have been serving up their home style cooking to their loyal, local following since 1986. Just about any day or time is […]

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Seattle: Reining in Food and Fun

Seattle Skyline

Seattle, cleverly and humorously nicknamed “Rain City”, “Emerald City”, “Queen City”, “Gateway to Alaska”, and “Jet City”, making it a city with some sort identity crisis? Seattle’s identity is attached to the many charming neighborhoods, active communities, jaw-dropping scenery, and underrated, innovative food. It is city that is worth visiting and revisiting. Getting those Touristy Feet Wet Pikes Place Market […]

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The Kilimanjaro Diet


Don’t you wish you could start your life backwards? It’s one of those situations where you accumulate all this experience and knowledge which you may never have the opportunity to use again. Instead, you have to learn these life lessons the hard way! The answers and wisdom come after you run that first marathon, get that black belt, or climb […]

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Blackberry Lemon Upside-Down Cake Recipe

Summertime is filled with lots of fun seasonal activities, like blackberry picking. Picking this delicate and fragile fruit can be dangerously fun through all the poking, prodding, and piercings as you maneuver your body through the thorny landmine…so, grab a basket, a bucket, or bag and prepare yourself for some blackened hands! If you can’t or not up for this […]

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CC Made: Sweet Success

CC Made Products

Cassandra Chen spent her early childhood years in Shanghai, China and watched her grandmother prepare elaborate, traditional Chinese Feasts. Meanwhile, her mother, who was also an exceptional cook, refused to make the same dish twice. Cassandra found herself working in the World of Finance after college where she felt unfulfilled. She wanted to do something with her life where something […]

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Morning Strawberry Cupcakes Recipe

Cupcakes, cupcakes, and more cupcakes…they are everywhere:  at your local markets, farmer’s markets, bakeries, dessert bars, weddings, cupcake stores, and cupcake trucks.  My go-to cupcake is the under-appreciated MUFFIN.  I have one at least once a week and have 3 choice recipes I make and freeze. Aside from the ever so popular Blueberry, I finally have a muffin recipe for […]

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Day Tripper’s Guide: thru West Marin and Sonoma County

 No planes, no airports, no trains, no baggage and best of all no JET LAG when you enter the “Ireland” of Northern California. Grassy-green hills, misty-foggy climate, raging waves, sculptured- rocky coastlines mixed with Dairy farms and Oyster shacks line this desolate and unpopulated part of West Marin and Sonoma County. Within an hour’s drive from San Francisco, small communities […]

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Cheese Please! Artisan Cheese Festival in Petaluma

Creamy, fresh fromage blanc; tangy silken chévre; bracing blues, each fascinatingly different from its brothers; tastebud-waking, complex aged triple-crèmes…are you hungry yet?  I am almost always hungry – for cheese. Last weekend, I was among the fortunate attendees at California’s 7th Annual Artisan Cheese Festival in Petaluma, one of the hubs of California’s booming cheese industry. The festival is a […]

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Bean There

My favorite beverage is coffee.  It’s not only the caffeine that wakes me up in the morning and gives me that badly needed energy boost midday, but the aroma and strong flavor gets my mind and body racing. My love and addiction for coffee began over 20 years ago. I was a Marketing Consultant for a donut store chain in […]

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Highwire Coffee …Bean Me Up!

Highwire Roastery

Several months back, Slow Food organization coordinated a cupping and roasting demonstration at the Highwire Coffee Roasters’ facilities in the Oakland area.  Rich Avella, Robert Myers, and Eric Hashimoto, the proprietors of Highwire, walked us through the step by step process from seed to cup. Think of cupping as similar to wine tasting. A Short Video Story click HERE.

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